Field of Screams Haunted House Attractions

Field of Screams presents Scream City with 3 haunted houses local to Baltimore, Maryland (MD), Washington DC, PA

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Field of Screams Haunted House Attractions

Field of Screams in MD outside Baltimore and Washington DC presents Scream City!

Trail of Terror Haunted HouseTrail of Terror

A 35 min walk through a haunted forest best known for being the place where a farmer from Dream City lost his life and was skinned alive by the most powerful werewolf in the world who is competing to rule over all of Scream City.

Lusion Manor Haunted MansionLusion Manor

In 1933, the Lusion Manor Orphanage opened its doors for the first time as Angelica Ream attempted to give back to her community. It was a place of hope for children whose lives had been torn apart by the great depression. It remained that way until the late 60's when individuals claiming to be long lost relatives of the Lusion family claimed the property was rightfully theirs and attempted to steal it away through black magic freight, nightly raids destroying the grounds and leaving butchered animals and horrific sites for the orphanage's children to see. Over the many years of terror, most of the children left as did all of the adults who managed it. Recently, it has been discovered that many of the children had no where else to go and have grown up in the orphanage which was once a place of warmth and love but now, it is something very different.

Hades Haunted HayrideHades' Haunted Hayride

A haunted hayride like few have every experienced!!! The cornfield of this old farm is haunted by several of the evil clans that were conjured up by the Lusions and who rule parts of Scream City. There is a rumor that something so frightening that few can even look at it escaped the underworld and dwells within in the corn.

Paintball ApocalypsePaintball Apocalypse

A hellish ride through zombie infested lands on a large, black, steel, double decker cart which is the only thing protecting you from certain infestation! Battle zombies by shooting glow in the dark paintballs at them as they attack - you have paintball guns and they dont!!