Paranormal Ghost Story of Field of Screams

Field of Screams presents Scream City with 3 haunted houses local to Baltimore, Maryland (MD), Washington DC, PA

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The Story of Scream City

Dream City: A perfect Utopian Society and brainchild of Professor Angelica Daphne Ream, a community- and social-planning visionary to some, a raving lunatic to others. "Dream City" was Angelica's tightly controlled gift to the world, but as with all dreams and plans for perfection, she underestimated human nature and the evil deeply embedded in some. In Angelica's case, that evil took the form of her unfortunate choice of a husband and, ultimately, the children they had together. Angelica married one Antoine Damian Lusion, a once-famous illusionist and stage magician whose charm and astonishing stage performances have long since been rumored to have ties to the Black Arts and underworld. In other words, Antoine was an evil necromancer, summoning the darkest spirits to do his bidding among the unsuspecting living. Their twin daughters, Alisa and Amanda Lusion, gravitated towards their dad and his dark teachings and together they began to build an Army of Darkness and a world much different from what their mother had envisioned. Blinded by her misguided love for her family, Angelica was only too happy to give her husband and daughters the positions of power they asked for, with horrific and disastrous results. In just a few short years, the once-pristine manors, forests, cornfields, and streets of Dream City darkened and eventually imploded under the weight of the ever-growing evil army conjured from the depths of the darkest places in Antoine's heart. The beautiful homes, forest trails and farms soon turned the once Dream City into Scream City!!

As the evil grew in Scream City, Antoine called forth a powerful brotherhood of werewolf and demon to "maintain order" by any means necessary in order to stay in control of his growing world of horror and death. Antoine brought forth a werewolf named Nekille and a Demon King named Damachlorr who were the most powerful leaders in the underworld and known for their strength, dark powers and transformation abilities. Nekille and Damachlorr were told by Antoine to stop the citizens that were trying to flee his precious Scream City and gain control of the evil clans of clowns, human animals, zombies and twisted beings that had evolved and threatened to overrun the Lusion's dynasty. Eventually, Lusion's plan fell into place and a toxic and deadly environment settled in to all corners of Scream City, along with Lusion's Manor house, forest trails and cornfields.

The multitudes who fled before the evil brotherhood had finished their conquest could barely speak of the horrors they saw and the things they experienced. The powerful Lusion family and the Army of Darkness was unmerciful as they grew in power and lusted for more. All know that the Lusions have final sway in Scream City and the underworld, but great dark powers are growing among the evil leadership and the final outcome of who will reign supreme in Scream City is yet to be decided.

Welcome to Scream City, and may God have mercy on your soul!!!