3 Reasons a Haunted Trail Is A Good Date

It’s spooky season, which means endless couples are spending their evenings cuddled up on the couch watching horror movies and Halloween classics, while other couples are yearning for something more exciting. If you’re asking yourself, “is a haunted trail a good date?” We’re here to encourage you to take a walk on the dark side. 

While certainly not for the fainthearted, a hair-raising haunted trail will give you the opportunity to feel all the things you actually want to feel on a date: excitement, adrenaline, and the desire to hold onto your partner and never let go. So skip the dinner dates with awkward silences, boring moments, and dull phone-scrolling and get right to the feeling of being alive… and terrified. 

Here are the 3 reasons a haunted forest is a good date idea:

1. It’s a Classic Date

There are a lot of classic date ideas. Dinner, drinks, and a movie; scenic drives for the sunset then stargazing; walks along the beach; holding hands through the gut-wrenching terrors of a blood-curdling haunted trail on a cold, dark night. A haunted trail is a good date because it’s a classic, and it became a classic for a reason. 

It isn’t basic like pumpkin patches or apple picking. It’s exhilarating and daunting, putting you and your date into a thrilling experience that will give you lots to talk about after you get through alive. An added bonus is that a haunted trail is a good date for just you and your partner, but it’s also not weird to make it a group date if you need some friends to help you get through the horrors.

2. It Intensifies Your Connection

So, is a haunted forest a good date? That depends on if you want to intensify feelings in your relationship by enduring something scary together or if you want things to remain the same. Experts have revealed a direct connection between fear and attraction, meaning the alarming experiences you’ll have through a haunted trail can actually intensify the connection between you and your date.

Not only that, but when living, breathing people hold hands or cling to their significant other, the bonding neurotransmitter and molecule called “oxytocin” is released. While undergoing the unearthly horrors of the haunted trail, clinging to your partner can boost both of your oxytocin levels, helping you like each other even more.

3. It Brings out the Real-ness

Whether it’s a first or your 100th date with your partner, a haunted house is a good date idea because it gives you the opportunity to know your partner even better. Yes, you learn a lot about a person while conversing politely over an afternoon coffee, but nothing like you’ll learn when facing the unspeakable terrors of a terrifying haunted trail experience.

While making your way through this spine-chilling adventure, you’ll see your date’s truest reactions to some of their greatest fears. With thrills around every corner, horrors in the shadows, and energy-draining suspense, you’ll discover if their immediate instinct is to fight or flight. You’ll find if your date is easily spooked, how they handle fear, and how they react to the sinister, all things you may never discover if you spend every date safe inside the boundaries of your comfort zone. 

Bonus: You may also get some good material to tease them about later. 

Enter at Your Own Risk

So, is a haunted trail a good date idea for you and your significant other? Maybe it’s time to try it out and see. You can purchase tickets to the Field of Screams Maryland’s Haunted Trail and Trail of Terror online, but due to COVID-19 precautions, tickets are limited.