How To Host A CarnEvil Themed Halloween Party

The most frightful Halloween parties have a nightmarish theme. We know from experience that our haunted carnival encounters are an absolute terror. At Field of Screams Maryland, our scare actors take clowning around to a new level. We are sharing a few tricks and treats, from our archive of screams, to help you throw the ultimate CarnEvil Halloween party this season. 

Bring The Carnival To Your Kitchen

Anyone who has been to the carnival knows that the food is the main attraction. A haunted carnival takes it to the next level and the treats are to die for. The best carnival treats are fried to perfection. Although you may not have a deep fryer at home, you can still serve up ooey gooey deep fried twinkies, scrumptious and soft fried oreos, deliciously dressed funnel cakes, crispy golden corn dogs, and more. With these cooking hacks and safety tips, you can turn your kitchen into a factory for frightful fried fare:

  • Choose the right pot: whatever items you submerge, need to be completely covered. You want to use a pot deep enough to completely cover the food and allow the oil to rest near the halfway point. Leaving this space in the pot, prevents the chef from being splashed with hot oil.
  • Choose the right oil: it is best to use a neutral oil with a high smoke point. Canola oil or vegetable oil, both work well for home frying.
  • Use the proper equipment: a spider is an essential tool for home frying. This allows you to submerge and remove food easily and reduces hot oil splash.

Click here for more information on home frying for your CarnEvil themed Halloween party.

CarnEvil Treats

The treats have to be devilishly delicious at a CarnEvil themed Halloween party. With knowledge of at-home deep frying, your ghastly guests will be impressed with homemade fair favorites. Serve scrumptiously sweet deep fried oreos, funnel cakes topped off with whipped cream and oozing strawberries, moist and gooey deep fried twinkies, and honey battered, hand dipped, homemade corn dogs. Sweeten things up even more with sticky, sweet, hand pulled cotton candy or creepy cake pops with faces that even their mother couldn’t love. Don’t forget to serve caramel apples (with or without nuts), this Halloween classic is a smash hit at Field Of Screams Maryland and we know that your guests will love them too. It is easy to transform all of these classic carnival treats into CarnEvil nightmares with dry ice, creepy garnishes, and splashes of edible blood. 

When it is time to say cheers, shock your guests with a cocktail list they will take to the grave. Don’t forget to include a show stopping,  haunted carnival classic, the magic cotton candy martini. Your guests will be aghast, when the colorful, hand pulled sugar, vanishes right before their eyes. If you are looking for non-alcoholic options for the young, the old, and the dead, rest in peace knowing that these festive non-alcoholic drink recipes will leave a lasting impression.. Keep in mind, when crafting these haunted carnival concoctions, that dressing up the glass and garnish will take your party drinks to the next level. Consider spooking your guests with these Halloween party drinkware options.

Decorating Tricks

Converting your house into a haunted carnival may sound like a challenge, but we have some simple tips to turn your home into a total freak show. From music to decor, we’ve got tricks up our sleeve to make this spine-chilling transformation easy.

An ominous playlist of circus tunes is essential for setting the mood at your CarnEvil themed Halloween party.  Guests will be completely creeped out by the eerie music box tunes like the songs on this playlist. The spookiest songs tend to have minimal vocals and will amplify your guest’s haunted carnival experience. Keeping the playlist simple but strange, will ensure that everyone can socialize easily, over a sinister soundtrack.

As for the look, imagine the iconic image of a red and white striped circus tent. The sight and allure of this colorful canopy is the perfect inspiration for your CarnEvil themed Halloween party decor. You can achieve the big top look by using red and white plastic table cloth rolls. Pin the table cloth in a central spot on the ceiling, drape and adhere each strip to the wall, then allow each panel to reach the floor. This is an inexpensive and memorable decorating hack for any haunted carnival. 

Dress up your red and white theme, with gorey fake blood splatter as an atrocious accent. To make fake, edible, and drying blood, simply follow these simple steps and have fun splattering:

  • In a mixing bowl, combine 1tsp of flour, 1tbs of corn syrup, 1/2tsp of red food coloring, and one single drop of blue food to darken the mixture.
  • Whisk the combination together until the consistency is smooth.
  • Apply to fabrics, foods, and other porous decor for an added thrill at your Halloween party.

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Enter If You Dare

If you still need inspiration for your CarnEvil themed Halloween party join us for a night of blood curdling screams at Field of Screams Maryland. Gather your friends and explore the haunted trails and forests but look out for the deranged locals who are hunting for blood. So, step right up and order your tickets online before scream season comes to an end!