The Most Haunted Woods in America

Haunted Woods Maryland

With crisp air and breathtaking scenery, American national parks and other natural wonders promise a peaceful escape from our bustling modern world. But sometimes—when the light dims and the trail disappears—you might not be alone. The lovely scenery in these woods may overshadow a sinister presence and history. These places are some of the most haunted woods in America.

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Devil’s Tramping Ground, NC 

A North Carolina wood 10 miles from Chatham County holds a barren circle where nothing will grow. Visitors have tried taking matters into their own hands and planting local greenery in the circle, but nothing lasts through the night. Legend has it that the devil himself frequents this haunted forest, pacing the circle each night in contemplation of his next wicked act. 

Gifford Pinchot National Forest, WA 

Although Bigfoot sightings occur throughout Western America, Gifford Pinchot National Forest is a hub for these cryptid encounters. A 1969 law prohibits anyone from hunting Bigfoot in Skamania County, which may explain why this creature finds these haunted trails a haven. All those drawn by Gifford Pinot’s breathtaking waterfalls and picturesque views should keep their eyes peeled and cameras nearby while walking these woods.

Yosemite National Park, CA

Despite being a top tourist attraction renowned for its natural beauty, Yosemite National Park has a dark side. Indeed, Yosemite’s Chilnualna Falls is among the creepiest destinations in the US, supposedly haunted by a boy who drowned in a nearby lake. On the trail to the cascades, visitors often report hearing the cries of this young boy. But anyone who attempts to save the boy will surely meet the same fate. 

Those who brave their fear and survive these haunted trails will find another scare awaits. According to Native American legend, an evil spirit named Pohono inhabits the cascades, luring people to the water’s edge and pushing them in.

Manchac Swamp, LA

Haunted Woods Maryland

Although Manchac Swamp is one of the most scenic destinations in Louisiana, these woods strike fear in the hearts of many. Local stories claim that the ghost of a voodoo queen named Julia Brown haunts these wetlands. Feeling unappreciated in her solitude, she once sat on her porch singing, “One day I’m going to die and take the whole town with me.” The town’s residents believed it was a curse, as a hurricane soon swept the area and wrought havoc. 

The Pine Barrens, NJ

The Pine Barrens stretches across southern New Jersey and is home to one of the most terrifying legendary creatures, the New Jersey Devil. Folklore says that when a local woman received the news she was expecting her 13th child, she cried out, “Let it be the devil!” When the child was born, it gave out a screech and turned into a flying demon with cloven hooves. By now, this creature has stalked The Pine Barrens for over 250 years, terrorizing residents and tourists alike. 

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