Haunted Trail in Bethesda | Field of Screams Maryland

The Haunted Trail now features two trails in one, named the SUPER Haunted Trail. You have no idea who—or what—is watching you from the trees and cabins.

As you walk through the haunted trail, make sure to watch your back! The haunted trail is home to many dark corners and blind spots. Plus, not everyone in the haunted trail was dead before they were put there. 

You’ll get to know the unsavory locals that call these woods home and the unlucky campers that entered for a visit and never returned. The haunted trail is full of twists and turns, so you never know who or what will be around the next corner. Will it be a hillbilly, butcher, or perhaps a clown?

Every year, the haunted trail gets more terrifying for those brave enough to visit. Field of Screams Maryland is constantly finding new tricks, scares, and ideas to put in the haunted trail so it never gets stale.

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