Step right up and try your chances at the haunted carnival town games at Field of Screams Maryland. Make this Halloween carnival near me part of your terror-filled night at Field of Screams, as the horror of the deep, dark woods knows no boundaries. The light of the carnival canopy doesn't provide any safety, but illuminates the terror all around you.

The Field of Screams Maryland Halloween carnival raises the stakes with gore-filled games. Zombie Brain Smash tests your strength — and courage. Slam a hammer and launch an oozing brain back into a zombie's gaping skull as he tries to attack you. Be careful not to fall into the creepy, open crypt of Crypt Ring Toss. Try to land the rings on outstretched skeleton arms and avoid their grabby attempts to stop you. Body Bean Bag Pumpkin Toss features lifelike jack-o-lanterns that mock your attempts with their demonic stare and creepy smile. Toss the body bags in the jack-o-lanterns mouths as they open and close to avoid your attempts.

The stakes have never been higher at this haunted Halloween carnival. Get your blood pumping with the thrill of competition — and the thrill of terror that surrounds you at Field of Screams Maryland. Purchase individual tickets for Carnival Town Games, or bring a larger team to brave the events with group tickets.