Haunted Meat Factory at Field of Screams Maryland

A proper slaughterhouse, once a booming business, took a turn but remained true to its morbid, blood-filled roots. The Slaughter Factory at Field of Screams Maryland is a terrifying, stomach-churning 30-minute walking tour of the gruesome, rancid haunted meat factory where ground meat has a different origin, thanks to the deranged owner. Guests will experience piercing sounds that will chill their bones – from the machinery designed to grind them to dust. 

A thrilling narrative accompanies the haunted meat factory as what started as an accident turned the owner into a blood-thirsty madman, fueled by the thrill of the slaughter. The innocent team that operated the factory now became the ground and minced product. Authorities couldn’t stomach the display and sealed the factory, leaving the horrid mess, putrid smell and scattered limbs untouched. Among the severed limbs and ground meat lives the blood-thirsty owner and his cold, metal equipment — waiting to give his next tour. 

This haunted factory torments the senses with equipment, machinery and noises you’d expect from a slaughterhouse. Embrace the imagery and sounds and let your imagination fill in the horrific blanks. Purchase individual tickets to the Slaughter Factory, or inflate your bravery with numbers and purchase group tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will I spend in the Slaughter Factory?

The Slaughter Factory is a 30-minute walking tour. 

How scary is the Slaughter Factory at Field of Screams Maryland?

The Slaughter Factory is mildly scary. We have two other attractions that we deem the scariest at Field of Screams Maryland. 

Can they touch you at the Slaughter Factory?

The actors in the haunted houses are trained and professional and have been instructed not to intentionally touch or grab any of the patrons. However, we cannot guarantee they won’t accidentally bump or touch you as the environment is purposely dark and disorienting and full of moving people.