The Scariest Places in Maryland

Haunted Trail Maryland

Maryland’s rich yet troubled history makes it ripe for hauntings, even more so than other states’ origins. If you want spooks and scares, you’ll find more than enough within Maryland’s boundaries. For instance, ghost tours in Annapolis, Frederick, and Baltimore offer especially eerie stories and sights. But when you want a haunted trail experience, look no further than Field of Screams Maryland for horrors that thrill and delight!

From the Slaughter Factory and Carnival Town Games to the Super Screams Haunted Trail, their attractions are rated the best in the region by The Baltimore Sun and The Washington Post. Every October, visitors from up and down the East Coast come to see the nightmarish sights they put on. Reserve your ticket in advance and prepare yourself for horror! To learn more about Field of Screams Maryland, reach out at (888) 720-1112.

Below, we list the scariest places to visit in Maryland:


Established in 1649 and briefly the capital of the United States, Annapolis has a vivid and peculiar history. Its historic district still includes 18th-century brick houses, churches, and cemeteries. Yet period-appropriate architecture is all that remains of the city’s former days—or is it?

Some say former Annapolis residents still walk the streets and inhabit old homes. But you won’t know until you check it out yourself! The haunted Maryland Inn, the oldest continually operated hotel in the country, is the perfect place to start your ghost hunt.


Haunted Trail Maryland

Dating back to the 1740s, Frederick boasts almost 300 years of haunted history. The city was a critical juncture during both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and it momentarily served as Maryland’s capital during the latter. These conflicts left an indelible, bloody imprint on the historic city.

Visitors can explore Courthouse Square, where British loyalists were executed, or the National Museum of Civil War Medicine, an erstwhile undertaker’s business and now host to a gruesome moment in medicine. With luck, you may catch a glimpse of the mysterious Man in Black, who continues to seek revenge for his execution in 1781.


Founded in 1729, Baltimore features 99 historic districts and over 65,000 historic buildings, the greatest number to be found in any U.S. city. It was also home to America’s master of the macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. You can stop at one of his favorite pubs still in operation today: the Horse You Came In On Saloon!

As you wander the old streets, try to imagine them as they were: rampant with befuddled sailors spilling off ships, immigrants anxious to start over, and ladies of the night hoping to make ends meet. As you can imagine, such an age-old, rich history has made for the holy grail of notorious hauntings.

Field of Screams Maryland

If you’re looking for brazen scares, you’ll find them at Halloween attractions. Field of Screams Maryland has earned its reputation as the scariest of all such places thanks to its devilish Super Screams Haunted Trail, Slaughter Factory, and more. Come trade the scary stories for an opportunity to face your fears. Field of Screams Maryland is where ghostly tales become your terrifying reality!

Discover Spooky Haunted Trails in Maryland

Haunted Trail Maryland

Field of Screams Maryland provides an opportunity to explore the Super Screams Haunted Trail, the longest and most terrifying trail in the country! Their attractions bring out Maryland residents and visitors from all over every year. For more info, visit the website or call (888) 720-1112—if you dare.