5 Halloween Activities Besides Trick or Treating

Fun Halloween Activities DC

During the hustle and bustle of fall, properly celebrating the Halloween season can take a lot of work and thought. Additionally, the responsibilities that come with age make it increasingly difficult to get in a spooky mood. Yet a touch of creativity can help you make this season one to remember. Try one of the many fun Halloween activities to get in the festive spirit, or take on the hair-raising haunted trails at Field of Screams Maryland.

From the creators of Winter City Lights comes a horrifying experience you’ll never forget. Washington, DC, residents can turn to Field of Screams Maryland for a thrilling night of Halloween scares. Their hour-long Super Screams Haunted Trail, cozy bonfires, and wicked concessions will make a whole night out of your visit. Visit them online or call (888) 720-1112 today for more ticket and availability information!

Below, we suggest fall-themed activities besides trick-or-treating to try:

1. Pumpkin Carving

The classic Halloween tradition par excellence, pumpkin carving is an outstanding way to ring in the season. Not only is this tradition timeless, but it can also be enjoyed by folks of many ages. Prepare for your festive night ahead of time by gathering pumpkins, carving tools, and candles (plus some treats to snack on!). You could also gut pumpkins ahead of time to minimize messes.

Families with young kids could opt for painting to avoid pumpkin carving hazards. Safety first!

2. Watch Halloween Movies 

Given the abundance of options, horror movie nights during Halloween never get old! Gather your friends and family, microwave popcorn, dim the lights, and get cozy with nightmarish flicks. Mature Halloween enthusiasts can indulge in their favorite bone-chilling horror movies, while families will enjoy moderately spooky animated features like The Nightmare Before Christmas. Regardless of your crowd, there’s something for every taste.

3. Game Night 

Nothing brings people together better than a little friendly competition. So, gather your loved ones for a Halloween game night! Add a seasonal twist to this classic activity by playing a themed playlist and using candy prizes to set the mood. If that isn’t your style, push your limits with some offbeat game night details. 

For example, a little Halloween trivia will put everyone’s knowledge to the test! Or add a family-friendly twist by planning a spooky scavenger hunt around your home for your children. We suggest hiding a variety of Halloween candies and goodie bags around the house—whoever finds the most items wins!

4. Themed Baking

Who says cookies are just for Christmas? A little out-of-the-box thinking can adapt this traditional pastime to nearly any holiday. You might cut sugar cookies into Halloween shapes like pumpkins or ghosts. Alternatively, leverage gingerbread tools and give your confections an autumn twist by decorating with Halloween colors and patterns. 

5. Haunted Trails

Fun Halloween Activities DC

Spending your Halloween season inside would be a waste, what with mild October air and mesmerizing night skies. So, embrace the darker side of the season at Field of Screams Maryland’s chilling Halloween events.

Gather your friends and test your bravery with the longest haunted trail in the country. Then, unwind with Halloween carnival games and a recap of the night’s events by the bonfires. Choose a night that works for you, book your tickets, and come prepared for their haunted attractions!

Fun Halloween Activities in Washington, DC!

Even with your pick of fun Halloween activities, nothing can parallel an award-winning haunted trail. Washington, DC, Halloween enthusiasts can rejoice at the nightmarish attractions of Field of Screams Maryland. From the same folks who brought you Winter City Lights, Field of Screams Maryland delivers immersive thrills that will send a shiver down the spine of the bravest souls. Call (888) 720-1112 today to get ticket and reservation details!