How Field of Screams Maryland Scares Visitors

Outdoor Haunted Attractions

When visitors arrive at haunted attractions, they expect organizers to deliver chilling scares. But how do creative teams produce terrifying thrills that attract crowds night after night? Establishing characters, strategizing scare techniques, and acting at the right moment create fright-worthy tactics. So, when you’re in the mood for screams, trust the eeriest outdoor haunted attractions to deliver horrifying sights and sounds!

Folks in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia can turn to Field of Screams Maryland! The area’s top-rated screampark offers ghastly experiences for families and groups seeking forbidden fun. Their attractions include the Slaughter Factory Haunted House, the hour-long Super Screams Haunted Trail, and Carnival Town Games attractions. Get ready by booking your tickets now for the upcoming season!

Find out how experts produce panic in their visitors:

Establishing Characters

Each actor establishes a character based on their costume and environment. Field of Screams Maryland has a plethora of sinister costumes, wigs, masks, and props—all of which help develop spooky characters. Additionally, their makeup team creates disguises that help visitors suspend disbelief and allow actors to pull off convincing performances!

Actors must determine their character’s voice, behavior, and mannerisms. They use acting techniques to deliver thrills. But the difference between traditional stage acting and attraction-based thrills is the element of interaction. Field of Screams Maryland’s actors animate their characters by reacting to each visitor’s response. It creates a visceral, adrenaline-inducing experience.

Strategizing Scare Techniques

A well-established character observes and strategizes their technique for scaring each visitor. Part of the actor’s strategy is either to team up with other actors or scare solo. They also use their environment to hide, creep, and emerge with tact. Knowing the right angle to take in conjunction with visitors’ line of path ensures the scariest outcome.

Another strategy for “attack” is to observe who might make a good target. When a group approaches, they scope out the visitors who look most vulnerable. Then, they decide whether to take a slow, quiet approach or encroach menacingly on our visitors.

Acting at the Right Moment

Some actors inhabit designated areas, which set the scene for their character. Others lurk about to maintain visitors’ fear levels throughout the experience. Each of their positions coincides so that the next act comes at just the right moment.

Timing and patience are critical for scares. Actors may wait some time for the next visitor to arrive. Yet doing so helps build the suspense and fear our visitors crave. Adding the element of surprise helps actors strike alarm in even the least daunted visitors. 

Designing Realistic Sets

Field of Screams Maryland takes visitors through 3 grotesque attractions: the Slaughter Factory Haunted House, the outdoor Super Screams Haunted Trail, and Carnival Town Games. Each set along the way has an unearthly theme with a realistic design, in which visitors are fully immersed.

The interior sets create eerie illusions that disorient visitors’ perceptions of their surroundings. The spaces are dingy with flashing lights and animatronics that reveal rusty hazards and gory gears. Fog, bursts of dank air, and shrill voices create paranoia in visitors as they search for an exit.

Outside, the cold forests seclude visitors from any sense of comfort as they enter a campsite turned murder scene. Every prop suggests the wretched fate of the zombies and corpses as they mingle with their gruesome killers.

Field of Screams Maryland: Among the Top Outdoor Haunted Attractions

Spooky season isn’t just about cute goblins and ghosts. You should also get SCARED at Field of Screams Maryland! Among the top outdoor haunted attractions in the region, they create an all-senses experience for haunted enthusiasts. Make your way through dense woods and shady buildings on this treacherous journey. The haunting sights and sounds will enthrall you with its dark atmosphere. Contact Field of Screams Maryland at (888) 720-1112 and book your tickets online.